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A Powerful Short Film

Duo, award-winning film, The Bully, continues to make waves and a definite impact on the fight against
bullying. From Executive Producers Dr. Jacquelyn Wilson of Mynding My Own Bizness™ Entertainment LLC,
and Maurice Wilson of Black Moes Art Music Inc./NXT LVL Entertainment, and Director/Producer
Gerald Barclay of Gee Bee Productions 
comes—a powerful short film that confronts the issue of bullying head on. The short film is based upon a single written by artist Jiggy Jada.

The Bully tells the tale of a Muslim girl, “Erika”, who starts a new school and finds herself the victim
of relentless bullying. In the resulting emotional turmoil, she finds allies and salvation in unexpected
places. The Bully tackles not only 
the issues of bullying but that of racism, religion and sexuality. It is a
story of intolerance, but also a story of kindness, forgiveness, and redemption. 

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