As part of our initiative to help end bullying, The Stop Bullying Project® developed a curriculum that we adhere to when offering two level of services; both with the same goal in mind.  Service one is  a two-day event that includes a viewing of our highly acclaimed and award-winning film, The Bully with a Q&A after the film and a second-day workshop with training. Service two is a one-day event that consists of a viewing of the film, a short Q & A, and a live performance of the song Stop Bullying. For more detailed information on our services or a media kit, please contact us. There are times when we will tailor a service based upon the organization's needs.

Giving Back...As an organization that desires to give back and be part of the solution and not the problem, we desire to exercise our philanthropic nature and give back to our communities and those that are in need. It is vitally important to us that we support those who not only have similar missions but also strive to make this world a better and safer place.

The Stop Bullying Project® has partnered with several organizations over the years that are making an impact on the next generation. (Be certain to check out our photo gallery!) We sponsor and host yearly back to school drives, food drives, gift-giving extravaganzas for the holidays, toy drives, concerts, family film nights and other community events that allow us to make an impact in various communities and the lives of our next generation. We are a family at The Stop Bullying Project® and desire to ensure our children's future.

Hats and Badges are available for purchase. Hats come in the following colors: Black, Pink, Canary Yellow, Gray, and White. Each hat is $21.78, which includes s/h. The badge can be purchased separately for $5.00, which includes s/h. If you are an organization or group that would like to purchase a large amount, please  email us at info@thestopbullyingproject.com for information on wholesale. Also, email for info on availability of T-Shirts.

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The Stop Bullying Project® has become more than a project and a movement. It is a labor of love. A movement to bring awareness through the medium of Arts and Education. In order for us to make an effective change and to bring forth healing and help for the wounded, as well as teaching and understanding of the perpetrators; we must arm ourselves with knowledge, and create open, honest, and safe free zones for discussions and solutions concerning bullying.  Far too many young people have lost their lives. Many felt alone, abandoned, and misunderstood. 

Will you consider helping us to make a difference? To ensure a future for our children? To help us bring an end to bullying?  Become a part of the solution. Consider becoming an Ambassador for The Stop Bullying Project®. Help us spread the word and fight against bullying and all injustices. Email us for more information.

Surprise the Struggling. We are involved in a whole new endeavor to help homeless women and teen girls all across the nation. To provide them with the bare necessities to help them feel better about themselves and to be able to cleanse properly. #SupriseTheStruggling hashtag movement has even reached into Canada. Women all over are filling pocketbooks with toiletries that will help homeless women and teen girls take care of themselves. For more information on how you can be apart of the movement, email surprisethestruggling@gmail.com.

Request our Services. In addition to our workshops, conferences or film viewings; do not hesitate to contact us and find out how we can come together. Throughout the year, as part of our giving back initative—we set aside time to volunteer our help and services to certain organizations and individuals. We are here to rebuild and strengthen our villages one community at a time.

Make a Purchase or Donate. There are several organizations that we love to help during the school year. We try to help as many as we can. We have expenses associated with the services we offer. You would greatly help us in our endeavors to reach as many schools, individuals and organizations by either sponsoring an organization or group that you know are are need of our services; purchasing one of our hats, badges, t-shirts, and CDs, or by donating through our PayPal.



The Stop Bullying Project's® main goal is to help bring an end to bullying. Whether it is through education, music, film, social chats, discussions or protest marches, we are dedicated to helping our children live the lives they deserve without fear.

Our mission is to encourage our children to speak out, share, and tell who is bullying them. To offer them an environment of safety, and an ear of understanding. We desire to create a safe place for victims to 
freely express themselves and receive the help they need, without fear of retaliation. As far as those doing the bullying; in addition to holding them accountable for their actions, our goal is to get to the root of their reasons for bullying. It serves no purpose to punish them for their actions, without first understanding and finding out why they do what they do.

In carrying forth our mission to bring an end to bullying, we aim to utilize every avenue available to us—be it through music, art, film or education. By reaching out to communities, schools, individuals, and organizations, we hope to utilize the film to create open dialogue in which we can reach and save as many lives as we can.

The Stop Bullying Project®began with a song written in three minutes by Mynding My Own Bizness (MMOB) Entertainment's Artist, Jiggy Jada. From the mind of this creative genius, along with MMOB Entertainment's Dr. Jacquelyn Wilson, Executive Producer Maurice Wilson of Black Moes-Art Music/NXT LVL Ent., Director Gerald Barclay of Gee-Bee Productions, The Stop Bullying Project® and the two-time award-winning film, The Bully, was birthed. 

Jiggy Jada's motive is simply to encourage the youth to believe in themselves while opening up this generation's eyes to a solution to the darkness they're sometimes trapped in. The film was just the starting point for the movement that The Stop Bullying Project® has become.

We invite you to join us in  our efforts to end bullying by supporting our film, The Bully, a short film that tells the tale of a Muslim girl who is starting a new school and finds herself the victim of relentless bullying. In the resulting emotional turmoil, she finds allies and salvation in unexpected places. It is a story of intolerance, but also a story of kindness, forgiveness, and redemption.

We are taking this message to the masses, hoping we can bring an end to the violence that is overwhelming a generation.